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LUIS ROSADO V. EBAY INC. Login – EBay buy It Now Class Action

  • Obtain extra coaching in regards to the class positioned it on war entitled Luis Rosado v. EBay Inc. That is pending inside the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California

The eBay buy It Now magnificence play a component prosecution revolves nearly claims that eBay routinely de-indexed the item as quickly as a prospective buyer clicked the Buy It Now button, and that eBay did not mechanically re-listing the object if the possible client did not splendid the shopping for method and consists of any customers who paid for a Buy It Now listing on eBay from July 30, 2008 until Sept. 10, 2015. Class contributors declare that this Buy It Now strategy carried out by using eBay deprived sellers of the total value of their list.


Please note

  • A $1,2 hundred,000 harmony fund has been set up
  • Class participants contend the following laws had been violated by way of eBay: Californias false Advertising Law, Consumer legitimate Remedies Act, and the Unfair Competition Law
  • eBay denies any endeavors of incorrect ham it up however have agreed to a agreement as of Sept. 10, 2015
  • Class participants who want to be excluded (or choose out) from the eBay buy It Now Class deed war can reach suitably previously Dec. Eight, 2015
  • Settlement bills will both be in the quantity of $5, $10 or $15 per claimant
  • Any finances permanent in the treaty fund after the claims system is unqualified may be distributed to Class Members who have an responsive eBay account on the instances of the unchangeable disbursement
  • A solidarity fairness listening to will say sure vicinity on or re 2/25/2016
  • ALL allegation FORMS ARE DUE BY 12/8/2015
  • All bills united while the LUIS ROSADO V. EBAY INC. Skirmish concord will be made via test


The eBay buy It Now Class produce an effect lawsuit is prosecution number 5:12-cv-04005-EJD and the magnificence administrator may be reached through calling 1-844-528-0186. COOLEY LLP will constitute eBay even if the elegance individuals inside the stroke could be represented via CAPSTONE accomplish APC and FELDMAN FOX & MORGADO PA.

www.ebaybuyitnowclassaction.com – LUIS ROSADO V. EBAY INC. Login

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